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Online & Broadcast

Right now, Businesses across all sectors are being challenged with how to keep their people connected as we each weather the storm of the current landscape. As a result, the move to embrace online, virtual-reality and remote-based technologies is accelerating much faster than previously planned.

Overcoming the communication hurdles while socially distanced means adapting working methods. We’re helping our clients instigate a hybrid approach to future-proof their ongoing communication strategies and event calendars.

Our online event capability combines live streaming and production services which can help drive specific behaviours to meet business goals and create immersive experiences.    

Our B2B solution is a fully customisable online event platform with integrated livestream and audience participation tools. Our webcast services ensure multiple (remote) speakers, graphics, presentations and videos can be seamlessly produced in the cloud for a polished delivery, all branded with your logos and colour schemes.  

Our team expertly piece things together to ensure your vital team meetings, discussions, sharing of ideas and other workplace social interactions, can continue to percolate and your business agendas get back on track.

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